Noni Whole Fruit Powder 125g


Noni (morinda Citrifolia) has been a traditional and fundamental part of Polynesian medicine for hundreds of years. It is said to be a very valuable and important food supplement due to its ability to relieve pain.

Whilst Noni cannot be considered to be a cure for MS it is certainly reported to have a beneficial impact in alleviating the side effects, i.e. the pain. Noni is said to restore serotonin to the brain thus causing a favourable response in MS patients. It is also said to be very beneficial in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Noni is reported to be benefitial in cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis, metabolic disease, the regeneration of cells, to improving high blood pressure, varicose veins, digestive problems and improvement of digestion, enhancing the function of the thyroid and thymus glands, helping to ward off infection and to balance the bodies pH levels which affects ones ability to absorb minerals and vitamins.

It is an anti-inflammatory, an antihistamine and analgesic. The major key to Noni’s effectiveness is that it contains significant amounts of proxeronine, which become xeronine when ingested. Xeronine helps the body to turn enzymes on and off. Anything that improves enzyme activity has wide ranging effects because all your body’s functions depend on enzymes.

Many nutritionists around the world insist that Noni is the missing piece of the health puzzle and should be included as part of everyone’s daily nutrition as it helps us absorb valuable nutrients from our diet. Noni is 100% sun dried whole fruit powder.

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