Detox and Cleanse


Ojibwa Indian Herbal Tea Tincture

Ojibwa Indian Herbal Tea Tincture is a mixture of Burdock Root, Slippery Elm, Sheep Sorrel...


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Organic (Paw Paw) Papaya Leaf 60 capsules

Bio-Actives from Papaya/Pawpaw leaves and concentrating it into an easy to take capsules.  Made from...


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Rochway Bio Restore Papaya 35 300ml (formerly Papaya 35 500ml)

Papaya is one of the richest sources of Antioxidants up to twenty times more powerful...


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Herbal Intestinal Cleansing Programme Part 1

It comes in two parts. The first part of the cleansing programme in capsule form,...


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Colloidal Silver 250ml

Colloidal silver is the natural, absolutely non-toxic antibiotic alternative for humans, animals, plants and even...


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Herbal Intestinal Cleansing Programmme

The 2 part Colon Cleansing Programme is an alternative method of getting rid of the...


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Paracleanse Parasitic Cleanser 50ml

Parasites, such as pinworms, tape worms, hookworms, ringworms, whipworms, roundworms and the microscopic Giardia Lamblia...


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Brain Tonic 250ml

The Brain Tonic is a blend of tinctures made from Bacopa Monniera (Herb of Grace)...


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Kidney Cleanse 250ml


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Blood Cleanse & Tonic 250ml

Echinacea - Reported to be highly beneficial in boosting the immune system. It is said...


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Liver Cleanse and Tonic 250ml

    The Liver Cleanse & Tonic, based on the work of Dr Richard Schulze...


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Vitamin D3 120 capsules

Following recent press releases of the benefits of vitamin D3, we are to introduce Vitamin...


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Kombucha 2000 Capsules 30caps.

A dietary supplement of fermented Kombucha tea. Promotes healthy liver and digestion function. Contains 555mg...


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Herbal Intestinal Cleansing Programme Part 2

  The second part of the 2 part cleansing programme is a soothing mixture of...


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HarmoniK Ormus Monoatomic Gold 100ml

Ormus Monoatomic Gold  (with Rhodium Iridium & Rubidium) is blended  with over 70 vitamins, Minerals,...


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